Assault & Other Violent Crimes Attorney in West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Strand Law Offices, LLC, represents clients facing a wide range of violent offense charges, including:

Simple assault

Any assault that results in bodily injury, as well as intentional attempts to cause injury - even when an injury does not occur.

Aggravated assault

Similar to simple assault, but with "extreme indifference to the value of human life." This charge also applies to those accused of simple assault against a member of a protected class such as police officers, bus drivers, teachers, doctors, and prosecutors. Work with an assault lawyer now.

Recklessly endangering another person

Known as REAP for short, this offense includes actions that did or could result in bodily injury or death such as firing a gun indiscriminately in your backyard.

Terroristic threat

This refers to any attempt to terrorize an individual - it need not have any connection to political or religious "terrorism" as that word is often used in the news. This offense refers to both verbal threats and nonverbal threats, such as pointing a gun at someone.


This offense includes both verbal harassment and physical harassment, including pushing, shoving, kicking, and similar acts.


Leaving the scene of an accident where serious bodily injury and/or property damage has occurred.

Navigate Civil And Criminal Proceedings Simultaneously

Many criminal charges involving violence also include separate civil proceedings related to domestic violence. Since Strand Law Offices, LLC, practices both criminal law and family law, we can help you address both of these parallel legal processes at the same time.

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Criminal defense attorney Eric D. Strand has been defending clients facing assault and other charges in Pennsylvania for more than 15 years. No matter what charges you are facing, we can help you reach the best possible outcome in your case.

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