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Falsely Accused of Assault

Strand Law Offices, LLC June 8, 2022

According to the most recent statistics, about 151 individuals were falsely accused of a crime in the United States in 2018. False accusations occur when a person is accused of a crime they didn't commit. Regardless, false accusations are quite common with crimes like assault, rape, and domestic violence and may result in a wrongful conviction. 

Unfortunately, a wrongful conviction can jeopardize your freedom, quality of life, personal reputation, and other future opportunities. If you have been falsely accused of simple assault, retaining a skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney is crucial to help build your defense.

At Strand Law Offices, LLC, we are committed to offering comprehensive legal guidance and reliable representation to clients in their simple assault allegations. As your legal counsel, we can investigate all of the facts of your case thoroughly and outline an effective defense strategy to fight your charges. Our firm is proud to serve clients in West Chester, Lancaster County, and surrounding counties throughout Pennsylvania.

Simple Assault Charges in Pennsylvania

Simple assault is an attempt to cause or recklessly cause bodily injury or harm to another person. According to Pennsylvania criminal code – Title 18 - PA General Assembly Section 2701 – a person commits an offense of simple assault when they:

  • Attempts to cause or intentionally or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person.

  • Attempts to put another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury using physical menace.

  • Negligently causes bodily injury to another using a deadly weapon.

  • Intentionally penetrates a law enforcement officer during an arrest or search.

When falsely accused of assault – or facing assault charges – the justice system can be very complex, and it is never advisable to navigate it without experienced representation. A knowledgeable Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can evaluate the surrounding facts of your case, conduct an in-depth investigation, and enlighten you about the possible penalties and consequences of a conviction.

Possible Penalties

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, assault offenses usually carry far-reaching ramifications. Depending on the seriousness and severity of the offense, an assault conviction may result in the following penalties and consequences:

  • Massive fines

  • Jail time (ranging from months or years)

  • Restitution to the victim

  • A criminal record/history

  • Mandatory anger management classes

  • Increased difficulty in securing public benefits or government assistance

  • Increased difficulty in an opportunity of employment and housing

  • Ineligibility to obtain certain loans

  • Loss of rights to carry, own, or possess a firearm

  • Increased difficulty in traveling abroad

  • Loss of voting rights

A skilled criminal defense attorney can review every aspect of your case and determine your best defenses to avoid these penalties and the long-term ramifications of a criminal conviction.

When You've Been Falsely Accused

Examples of common situations that may result in a false accusation of assault include:

  • An altercation between family members, spouses, or friends.

  • An ex trying to win a child custody battle using false allegations of simple assault.

  • Revenge or personal animosity.

  • A lot of times, police officers show up and charge both sides, leading to issues for the innocent side.

  • An accuser lies to the authorities intentionally.

  • A victim or accuser misidentifies a person for committing a crime.

  • A person trying to conceal other bad behavior.

  • Misconduct or abuse of power on the part of the police or prosecutors.

  • An accuser makes a mistake while recalling the details of the assault incident.

A skilled assault defense attorney can fight vigorously to defend your legal rights and enlighten you about what to do when falsely accused.

Steps to Take When Falsely Accused

False accusations of assault are very serious and should never be taken lightly. If someone makes a false simple assault allegation against you, you should take the following steps where possible:

  • Remain silent. Don't speak to anyone or the police about your case without the presence or permission of your legal counsel.

  • Hire an experienced lawyer to help investigate your case. Your legal counsel can enlighten you about your legal rights, the nature of your charges, and your defense strategy.

  • Document the events leading to your arrest and what happened while you were in custody.

  • Gather and document necessary evidence, witness testimonies, and statements to build your case.

  • Avoid posting on social media, keep a low profile, and do not reach out to your accuser.

  • Do not discuss the details of your case with anyone except your defense counsel.

A knowledgeable attorney can investigate every last detail of your case thoroughly and determine your best defenses to maximize your chances of achieving the most favorable outcome for your unique situation.

Possible Defenses

Some possible defenses when facing false accusations of simple assault include:

  • Mistaken identity

  • Acted in defense of another person

  • Acted in self-defense

  • Official misconduct

  • Misrecollection

  • Malicious false accusations

  • Incapable of performing the alleged threat

  • Misleading forensic evidence

However, when falsely accused of simple assault, reaching out to a defense attorney immediately can make a huge difference in whether you are charged, or your case is even filed. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can determine your best defenses and attempt to keep your record clean.

Skilled & Knowledgeable Counsel

False accusations of simple assault are not uncommon in Pennsylvania and could easily lead to wrongful convictions. Regrettably, a convicted defendant could be facing severe penalties, including massive fines, lengthy imprisonment, a criminal record, and other devastating, life-altering consequences. Therefore, if you have been falsely accused of simple assault, you need to act quickly and retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and help strategize your defense.

With over 20 years of extensive experience, we have devoted our career to handling criminal cases and advocating for the best interests of individuals wrongfully accused of simple assault. As your legal counsel, we will investigate every last detail of your unique circumstances and help build a strong defense strategy for your case. Using his in-depth legal knowledge, our attorney will fight aggressively to defend your best interests. We can help you navigate the Pennsylvania criminal justice system and make sure those false allegations don't ruin your life.
Facing assault charges can be scary. Don't face them alone. Contact Strand Law Offices, LLC today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a skilled assault defense lawyer. Our reliable attorney will offer you the highly-personalized legal counsel and vigorously representation you need in your assault case and improve your chances of a brighter tomorrow. We're proud to serve clients in West Chester, Lancaster County, and surrounding counties throughout Pennsylvania.