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Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Everyone deserves the chance to put their mistakes behind them and move forward. If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t accept your fate. Fight for your second chance—put our seasoned defender on your side.

20+ Years of Experience To Help You Move Forward

Accused of a crime? Pulled over for a DUI? You have rights. Let’s work together to uphold them.

Since 2000, our attorney has fought on behalf of individuals facing a variety of charges, including DUI, drug crimes, assault, traffic violations, and more. No matter what criminal offenses you’ve been accused of, one thing remains the same: you are innocent until proven guilty. We’ll fight to ensure that you’re treated with respect from start to finish.

People hit a speed bump in their lives, but that doesn’t mean the road is closed. I’m here to help you learn from your mistakes and continue on your journey. Attorney Eric Strand

We offer collaborative counsel for West Chester, Southeast Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Every single client is different, and each deserves an individualized approach. At Strand Law Offices, LLC, we don’t just work for you. We work with you. Our attorney serves as your partner through the process. We’ll present your options and the pros and cons of each, but you are the captain of your ship. You ultimately decide which path we take.

Tell us your side of the story. We’re ready to listen. No matter the charges involved in your case, you have rights that need to be upheld. We’ll fight to protect your future and amplify your voice. In the face of a system that is oftentimes unjust, we’ll stop at nothing to pursue justice for you.

Eric Strand, Attorney at Law

Helping you protect your future throughout West Chester, Lancaster, Reading, and the rest of our state.

Throughout his career, Eric’s many professional experiences prepared him to open his own practice. From clerking at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to working with a large firm where he was one of more than 500 attorneys, he’s been exposed to almost every area of criminal law and he truly understands how the justice system operates. Now, Eric uses that in-depth knowledge coupled with his passion for helping others to deliver individualized legal representation in West Chester, Lancaster, Norristown, and beyond.



Will I go to jail? Could I lose my license? How will a conviction affect my future? These are just a few of the countless questions you may have after being accused of a crime. Don’t attempt to seek the answers on your own. Allow our experienced, compassionate attorney to provide clarity when you need it.

From Lancaster to Chester County, the legal process is filled with location-specific complexities. Our in-depth knowledge of the varying laws and procedures governing Southeast Pennsylvania make us truly versatile legal counsel. No matter where you’ve been charged, we’re ready to represent you.

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After an Accusation, Let’s Get Back On Track.

Put your future in compassionate, capable hands.

Whether you’ve been charged with DUI, a drug crime, assault, or another criminal offense, don’t let this bump in the road derail the rest of your life. We'll strive to ensure that a single mistake does not define your future, because we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We advocate for the accused with compassion and care, and we’ll stop at nothing to pursue a favorable result for you.

The system can run you over. You need a fair shake.

Facing a criminal accusation? The odds are already stacked against you. Let us fiercely advocate for the fair treatment you deserve as you fight this uphill battle.

At Strand Law Offices, LLC, our attorney provides informed guidance regarding a variety of alternative sentencing programs, treatment courts, and other rehabilitation support options. Pursuing one of these paths could give you the opportunity to get the assistance you need to make a positive change.

Personal attention is key to our practice.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to criminal defense. That’s why we take the time to understand your side of the story so we can create a strategy that is suited to your needs. Start fighting for your future. Set up a free consultation in West Chester today.